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Roman Vinderman (1945-2001) was a Russian Puppet Theater director. His theater esthetics focused on interaction between a live performer and a puppet as the main medium of expression.

KOTLOVAN (The Foundation Pit), a production based on Andrej Platonov's novel was adapted for puppet theater by Roman Vinderman and premiered in 1989, preceeding the disintegration of Soviet Union by two years.

This work was one the most significant projects of Roman Vinderman's lifetime, it was recorded by the national art channel in the 90s. This is a grim poetic and at times viscerally disturbing depiction of the early years after The Soviet Revolution of 1917 - a "foundation" of Soviet society. Thanksfully we have this recording. Most other Roman Vinderman's works were never recorded and only existed in real time in a pure theater form, they now remain in memories of people who have seen them.

Complete Production Video Here also on at Youtube.com/RomanVinderman

More Archival Information is available here:
Tomsk State Library
(Томская областная универсальная научная библиотека имени А.С. Пушкина)