"Жаворонок - Процесс над Жанной Д Арк"

"Жаворонок - Процесс над Жанной Д Арк" play by Jean Anouilh

Plot summary
The play covers the trial, condemnation, and execution of Joan, but has a highly unusual ending. Joan remembers important events in her life as she is being questioned, and is subsequently condemned to death. However, Cauchon realizes, just as Joan is burning at the stake, that in her judges' hurry to condemn her, they have not allowed her to re-live the coronation of Charles VII of France. The fire is therefore extinguished, and Joan is given a reprieve. The actual end of the story is left in question, but Cauchon proclaims it a victory for Joan.

Постановка Р. Виндермана 1985 г.
Художник Л. Петрова